Correspondence & Mail


All detainees may receive and send mail at this facility. All mail addressed to detainees must have the detainee’s full name and name number. The return address must provide the senders full legal name and return address. All mail must be sent to the facility through the U.S. Postal Service.


The Address to send mail is listed below.

Jefferson County Jail
911 Casey Ave.
Mt. Vernon, IL 62864



Letters and cards with ornamentation (musical, plastics, glitter, wood, metals, cloth, ribbon, cord, etc.), adhesives, paints, any foreign substances (paper altered/discolored, runny ink), photos larger than 4” x 6”, Polaroid photos, pictures/photos depicting alcohol, drugs, gang affiliation, weapons (real or toys), nudity, or sexual content will not be allowed. Booklets/pamphlets, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, internet printed materials (some religious materials may be allowed), or their reproductions are prohibited. Detainees may not receive blank paper, stamps, or envelopes in the mail (special legal envelopes will be allowed). If any of these items are received in the mail, the entire contents of the letter will be returned to the sender. New books may be shipped direct from the place of purchase to the facility. No used or personally shipped books will be accepted.

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