Sheriff Travis J. Allen

The Sheriff is the Chief Public Safety Officer of the County and is considered the top law enforcement official. As the elected office holder, the Sheriff is responsible for all activities of the Sheriff’s Office. In order to effectively protect our citizens and provide the services mandated by State Statute, it is imperative the Sheriff appoint capable, reliable staff to each division. Each of these staff members have been designated because they have proven they possess the moral, ethical, and work characteristics befitting the highest standards of law enforcement professionals which the position demands.

The Chief Deputy has been designated by the Sheriff to act in his stead in his absence. The Chief Deputy is entrusted with the responsibilities as second in command of the entire Sheriff’s Office, and therefore in charge of the day to day operations of the Administration Division.


Chief Deputy Clint Taylor

Chief Deputy Clint Taylor represents the Sheriff in various ways on a daily basis:

  • Jefferson County Board meetings,
  • Jefferson County committee meetings, including but not limited to Jail Committee, Finance Committee, budget, and union negotiations,
  • Jefferson County Emergency Telephone Service (911) Board
  • Personnel, legal, and medical issues,
  • News media inquiries and interviews,
  • Public relations appearances.

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